Application Form For All Type Of Police Verifications (English)
Application Form For All Type Of Police Verifications (Kannada)

How to get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

PCCs are required for various purposes. Depending upon what application you are filing, and to which country, you may need one or both types of PCCs.

Type 1: Regional Passport Office - PCC: This is a clearance that the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) gives you, and you need to apply through the PSK office. This is issued as a stamp in your passport and an accompanying letter stating that there is nothing adverse against you in police records.

Type 2: Commissioner of Police: This is a clearance issued from the office of the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City Police. This is to state that there is nothing adverse against you and you don't have/had any legal issues pending against you.

Step Involved

Regional Passport Office – Type 1 Police SP's office – Type 2
Register as a user at When you register make sure to selct the right PSK for your address Obtain a form from the SP office and fiil it.
Apply online.Provide correct details. Know your police stationPay thr fees, and obtain a challan.(At any one of the Banglore One counters)
Print application reference no.(ARN).Submit the form,along with challan , address proof, 3 photos at the Commissioner's Office.
You don't have to book any appointment at PSK.The form will ce processed at the Commissioner's Office.
For address proof-Passport,Passport copy,Proof of Present Address.The following link lists other documents that can be submitted.From there , it will get forworded to your local police station. from your police station will call you visit your residence for verification.
AT PSK if all the documents are in order,they will provide you a token no.and send you inside for further process.You will need to keep the following ready when the police visit for verification.Police will recor you statement and take signature on the verification form.
Once the document submission is completed,police verification will be intiated immediately.Once this verification is completed, the police station wil send the paper back to the Commissioner's Office with remarks.
Copy of all the documents that you submitted at PSK may be submitted for police verification along with 2 passport photos and additional proofs.If the documents are in order,you will be asked to fill in some application and sign during police verification.Once the documents from local police are recieved your file will be processed and Police Clearance Certificate will be printed and kept ready for despatch.
The police after the above process will forword it to commissioner's office.From there it will be forworded to passport office.You can collect PCC.
Upon receiving the verification details from commissioner's office,passport office will SMS/E-mail you to collect the PCC.
Bring original passport with you to collect PCC.If you need 2 copies, you can submit 2 forms, make payments for each of the forms.


  • Please do not approach agents/agencies who claim to offer to get the police verification done.
  • The process of issuing PCC/PVC is done exclusively by Police department only.
  • Agencies claiming to do verification/background verification are not acceptable.

Work Flow Chart For PCC

Receive of Application
Upload the Application in to the Police IT
Applicant will recieve SMS
On receiving SMS process of verification by juridiction Police Station
After the verification process juridiction police station upload the data with their Recommendatory/Not Recommendatory remarks in to the Police IT
On receipt of the report from juridictional police station Your PVC/PCC will be printed and issued
As per Karnataka Guarantee of services to citizens act this entire above process will be executed in the 21 days

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